• Winners'

The Mexico District of the MetOpera Laffont Competition offers its Competition winners two benefits offered by no other Competition District:

  • A three-to-four-day intensive coaching and support program, our Prelude to the USA,  to take them to their peak performance level, preparing them to compete at their very best in the next regional round of the Competition, and
  • A Winners’ Concert appearance in San Miguel de Allende, which challenges them to learn new material quickly, requires them to work as an ensemble, to learn to craft of staging, and to work with an intensely creative production team that will take them as artists to new levels they will be proud to have been a part of.

The Winners’ Concert

  • Our winners return to San Miguel de Allende for one week of rehearsals prior to the Winners’ Concert performances, usually in late March of the year following the Competition.
  • The concert production team is composed of the maestros who have already worked with the singers in the Prelude Coaching Program. They already know each singer’s voice, its capabilities, its strengths.  They design the concert around these qualities, and the results are a concert that showcases these young voices at their very best. 
  • The concert and the singer’s rigorous preparation for it simulate a professional performance. Often this is the first time the singer has experienced a totally professional environment.
  • The singers and production team are paid for their work, and singers are placed with host families who are patrons of the Competition in San Miguel.
  • The concert is also an opportunity for the singers to thank the Competition sponsors to whom they are so grateful.