The entire 2020-21 audition season has had to be reinvented to accommodate the coronavirus. Here is a brief outline of how it will go this time around:

Singers apply online September 1 – October 5.

For the first time, singers will be asked to submit videos along with their application. On October 12 singers who qualify for a district audition will be notified by MONC and will apply to audition in one of the 39 MONC districts.

Our auditions:

      • Our auditions will be held on December 17, and if more than 25 singers wish to audition in Mexico, also on December 16.
      • Each singer performs live to pre-recorded piano, video streamed to judges; all singers and judges in remote locations.
      • No singers or judges will be physically present in San Miguel de Allende.
      • Winners will be announced at day’s end; videos of audition highlights will be available soon after to patrons.
      • Our Prelude to New Orleans: winners’ 4-day coaching studio; dates tbd, late December/early January, sessions live streamed, as possible.
      • Our winners go on to the Gulf Coast Region auditions: Sunday, February 28, 2012; also remote and live streamed. Access provided to audition patrons.
      • We host a Winners’ Concert Extraordinario!!, late March 2021, featuring ALL our audition winners (2018, 2019, 2020) with chorus & orchestra in a spectacular SMA venue. Live, if possible, live audience if possible; otherwise virtual. A patron benefit.
      • May 9 & 16: 2021: MONC Semi-final and final auditions on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC.