2019 Winners
Jacinta Barbachano
Denis Velez
Gamaliel Reynoso
Jennifer Mariel
In our two short years of auditions in San Miguel de Allende we have already placed two singers in two of the most prestigious young artist programs in the United States:

YUNUET LAGUNA, 2018 audition winner, is in her second year of residence in the Lindemann Young Artist Program of the Metropolitan Opera. Five artist managers are currently vying to launch her international career next year

DENIS VELEZ, 2018 & 2019 audition winner, is in her first year with the Ryan Opera Center of the Chicago Lyric Opera.

In our second year, 2019, winner DENIS VELEZ went on to the semi-final and final audition rounds on the stage of the Metropolitan Opera and on March 1, 2020 became the first Mexican singer ever to be named a winner of the National Council auditions.
Discover MetOpera Trust
The VISION of the San Miguel MetOpera Trust is to achieve international recognition for outstanding young Mexican opera singers congruent with the level of their talent.
The Metropolitan Opera National Council (MONC) invited Mexico to become its 41st audition district in 2017, making it possible for MONC to say, for the first time, that its auditions would soon be held across all of North America. The first Mexico District auditions took place in November, 2018 , the second in November, 2019 , and the auditions will continue annually.