• Acknowledgements

The San Miguel MetOpera Trust gratefully thanks:


For the extensive legal support it provides to the Trust

Our Website Development Team for its dedication to quality:

Derek Burrows – Design
Enrique Echániz – Execution
Oscar Labansat – Execution
Octavio Rivas – Translations
Daniel Wiley — Photos


Pro Musica San Miguel de Allende for the infrastructure necessary to produce the first MONC Mexico District auditions in 2018 and 2019


The Universidad de las Americas Puebla (UDLAP) for hosting our Prelude Coaching Program annually, beginning in 2019.

Our amazing Prelude to New Orleans maestros – Michael Sylvester, Ted Taylor, Ragnar Conde and Andres Sarre – for their dedication to bringing out the very best in each singer they reach

Our many generous sponsors and friends for understanding the importance of our initiatives in the lives of so many hugely talented young Mexican singers


Banuva Publicidad Agency for their invaluable support in the creation and management of our website and social networks. His dedication and experience have been instrumental in the success and growth of our digital community at San Miguel Met Ópera Trust. Your commitment has strengthened our online presence and contributed significantly to our development.

Chava Banuva - General Director
Arturo Zerecero - Head of Design
Alberto Rendón - Programmer
Geovany Angulo - Programmer